Home Painting

The major paint companies have raised their flags for the "go to" colors this year.  We'll see if the nation of home owners agree.  Companies tend to predict the color trends based on customer feedback and color trends in general.  Of course not all the new colors across every industry work in real estate.  Although, I have nearly choked when I have seen some of the screaming colors people pick for their homes that clearly didn't belong on a house.

The earth tone inspired colors are back with a twist, pastel.  Blues, greens and pinks are dominating the field.  Bear in mind these colors are trending for interior only.  I hope.

Pinky beige from Sherwin Williams is an elegant pastel for a dining room or formal living room. 



Valspars' greens are a traditional elegance that breathes life into a home and work well for bathrooms or bedrooms.  Valley Haze 5004-5C, Dreamy Clouds 5002-5B, Soft Silk 7004-2 as seen above.



Or a naval blue accent from PPG called Chinese Porcelain, the color of the year.

    A definitive statement for entry ways or dining rooms.


As you can imagine there are hundreds more but the selection of pastels this year are intriguing.  The variations are exciting and you can be relatively sure you will have a unique combination for your home based on your tastes that aren't necessarily duplicated.  The beauty of the internet and the sophisticated websites paint companies use give you plenty of opportunity to browse colors in the comfort of your own chair and not the concrete floors at paint stores.  Valspar has a virtual painter that is pretty cool to explore loading up your own photos.


Home Decor

In home décor "conversation spaces" are trending into peoples lives as they long for time together sans the smart phone.  Kitchens have always been the common area for grazing rights and this will continue with more emphasis toward intentional design.


Lighting continues to be a big market as people enjoy the advantages of LED and the endless designs that come with that flexibility.  Pendant lighting, and mood lighting are popular. 


Local souvenirs make their way into homes as décor pieces, yes I believe Cheyenne Frontiers Days counts, in moderation, as folks like to share their stories in a décor setting.  I see this more and more with the younger home buyers.  So every home has its story.


As the earthly pastels in painting bloom, more furnishing will be organic and natural material.  While there is still a metal trend in the Cheyenne market I bet you will begin to see more of the shift away from the cold grays.