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Cheyenne Year-End Market 

Good morning to a new year my friends,

Pardon the visual, but I need to download my brain.  After 37 years of doing this stuff, I want to share what should be of value to my friends.  In preparation for 2020 I launched a new robust website in December.   It will also feature weekly blogs designed to be beneficial for you, my friend and client.  They will include, of course, real estate subjects as well as local events and issues related to real estate.  These blogs will not be canned, packaged or processed by hired ghost writers or anyone else.  They will be written by me personally with nothing artificial added.  I have enjoyed writing for many years, but this will be a new endeavor for me so please be patient with the stretching of my neoencephalon.  Yes, I had to look it up too.  I would encourage and appreciate your constructive feedback.


So, where to start?  How about the end, the end last year.   Most folks probably are aware of the growth in our market and economy over the last several years.  It has accelerated since 2011 with the third quarter of 2019 ending with an annual average 6.7% appreciation of real estate values in Cheyenne according to the Federal Housing Finance Agency.  To put this in context the last three years were 4.7, 5.0 and 5.5% respectively.  I provided a chart in a mailing last year from FHFA for Cheyenne and if you are interested I'll forward you the recent copy.  I have experienced four growth cycles in Cheyenne since 1983 and if you look at the trends, appreciation begins to subside after the 3rd or 4th year of growth in every cycle.  As trends forecast, that means we could see that probability of lower appreciation in 2020.  In the next 5 years I do believe we will continue to have demand for buying that will favor a steady momentum in our Cheyenne real estate market.  As values slowly continue to climb, now is a great time to buy your real estate with continuing historical low interest, because even as appreciation slows, values are still going up.  If you have questions about your real estate future and would like to talk to me feel free to call.


When experience counts,



P.S. Next time I will cover the home improvements currently capturing the highest return for your money.