"Where's the Market?" 

Life's rail small

If you want to dial the combination to a successful business listen up and read on.

The key that opens the secret box is really no secret at all.  For all the years I have been in business the missing link is in the same place.  Right under your nose.  97% of all the good folks pursuing a business simply miss it.  There are basic principles to business you got to get before you can expect to find success.  You have to have a goal and a burning desire to make it happen.  Let me be specific and repeat that.  You have to have a goal and a burning desire to make it happen.  Work ethic is pure magic.   This means you have to do the work.  It is not work when you honor the ethic to enjoy finding and building relationships.  The place that stops most people is fear.  Pure and simple.  You got to be willing to do the work.  If you can't get beyond the fear of mining prospects then go to work for someone else, because you are only wasting your time and theirs.  If you are brave enough to step up to the challenge there are great rewards that come to those who are willing to pursue their cause.  Principle #1.  Mine your prospects. They are not clients until you create a relationship.  To the next blog.

Work ethic is pure magic, honor it!